If your social media efforts are failing, you can have trouble finding out where you are going wrong. Here are 3 common social media mistakes that can be detrimental to your marketing; and how to fix them!

  1. Don’t update, create content. When you update your status, every single post should have a purpose that is thoughtfully created to succeed. Don’t just tell your audience what you’re eating for lunch, but create content with an objective that is specific to a call-to-action. Research your audience’s way of thinking to address their interests and pain points; and then monitor your analytics so you are creating more of what they like and less of what they show no interest in. Every status update is like its own advertisement. It needs to either be there for the purpose of engagement or click-throughs. Your headline needs to grab the attention of your target audience. Touch on their emotions, or reference to a “world-view” they might have. Your description should play on reader’s interests and make them want to take action. If you are posting an image, make sure it grabs their attention and will make a connection psychologically or emotionally. Just remember to set the tone for engagement that will ultimately benefit your business.
  2. Don’t gain followers; create assets to your business. If you want to make money from social media, gaining followers alone isn’t going to cut it. You need to turn those followers into loyal relationships. If you can create good relationships with partners and other brands, they become assets to your company. They help you with promotion and drive awareness to your business for as long as you keep that special relationship. If you invest your time and money in marketing assets such as these, social media success will follow quickly.
  3. Don’t just launch your promotion or event, create a campaign. If you start your marketing on opening day, promotion day, or the day of an event, you are already way behind! Effectively promoting events and launches takes a lot of time and care. Do not think in terms of how many days in advance you should start; rule of thumb is to think in quarters. For instance, with the holidays coming up, do not flood your updates with everything stating to “BUY MY MICROWAVE!” Instead, create content that will hint at and tease your fans of upcoming promotions or giveaways. Your partners can help you cross-promote and run contests to increase engagement and excitement for the upcoming holiday specials. When people show intent to buy (or even if they don’t), follow up with emails.

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3 Reasons Your Social Strategy is Failing (And What to Do Instead)