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We've been building websites since 2002!

Your customers are looking for your business online.

What does your website say about your business?

The 1440 Group understands how to update or redesign your website to reflect YOUR BUSINESS. Our design process focuses on helping convert your website visitors to business customers.

Goal-Driven Development by Experienced Professionals

Website designs are not static! Modern, contemporary designs are what customers expect of healthy businesses. When a business has a dated website, an inappropriate design or does not provide the necessary functionality to guide a visitor to becoming a paying customer, then your business may not get the opportunity to convert that visitor to a customer. Our seasoned experts have the knowledge and experience to help refresh or rebuild your website to keep your business relevant.

Since 2002, our SEO company has been a leader in web development, online marketing, search engine marketing and local search marketing. Because of our experience and continuing professional development we understand how to deliver a website that will help your business succeed online.

Our websites appeal directly to your market and are first and foremost designed to convert visitors in to paying customers. All of our websites are built on a foundation to execute a powerful search engine placement strategy.

Why Trust the 1440 Group to Build Your Business Website?

Responsive Design

Today visitors use all sorts of devices to view your website. We want you to look good no matter what device they use so our designs dynamically adjust for any screen or device, from mobile to large PC screens.

Search Optimized Design

We understand most of your visitors should be coming from search engines. That’s why we build search optimized features in to your website from the start.


Security Focused Design

It is an unspoken fact, but many people want to get access to your website for the wrong reasons. So we build in layers of security in the design and the maintenance of your website to keep you safe.

Mobile Optimized Design

Creating a responsive web design is only the first step. Our designers complete your business website by optimizing the pages for the best experience on a mobile device.

Proven Technology

We build our sites on WordPress, the number 1 business website technology. WordPress is specifically built and updated to be search-friendly and customer-friendly. We can spare the details, but this is the engine built for online success.

Flexible Design Process

We have a design process to ensure we get the plan right, However, we listen and work with you during the design and development of your website.

High Quality Hosting

We only use high quality hosting providers to keep your website available for your customers. These secure server systems are monitored and maintained by our expert team 24/7/365.

Ongoing Support

We truly care about the performance and functionality of your website. That’s why we offer ongoing maintenance support and uptime monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about your site.

Easy to Maintain

We mean exactly that. You or your staff, if you want, can maintain and update your website without any assistance. No more developers, no more hassles.

why wait any longer for your new website?

You know you want one, you just need to find the partner! We make it easy and affordable. Contact our web consultants today and discover how easy and quickly you can get a new website.