If you are thinking of implementing content marketing at your business, you can benefit greatly not only from the exposure; but from the utilization of existing resources. Managing and organizing content marketing can save get your business out in the social world where people actually notice it. However, if you know you’re not a marketing expert or don’t have much time to spare, this constant task can seem grueling to your sanity. Here are a few things to consider and some tips to ensure your success and sanity from the start.

First and foremost: Get some help! Get all the people who are already generating content on board. Include marketing, PR, advertising, social media and community management. These people in your organization have already established a voice. When you have your group together, appoint a spokesperson from each group that you can call on when needed.

Some things that may help you:

  • Make sure you and your spokespeople are on the same page. They need to be clear about what they are responsible for and the frequency of their duties. People follow through when they know exactly what they are responsible for.
  • Create a content calendar that all your teams have access to so that no one is posting content at the same time on the same networks. When your customers feel like they are being spammed with your content, it just rubs them the wrong way.

Know what topics your business conducts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for. You need to let your SEO team know if you’re wanting to focus on creating content for a certain topic. You can rely on these people to know how your content is performing surrounding certain topics so that you can create content on worthwhile topics. When you know what works and what doesn’t, you get the most out of time and effort spent on content marketing.

Here are some tips:

  • Use your keywords more as a guideline and suggestion set for content writing; not for scattering throughout each creation.
  • If your business doesn’t have any content rules and guidelines, then put them in place! The last thing you want is for one little slip up to turn away valuable customers.

Throughout the process, the only thing you really need to upkeep is the measuring of traffic and efficiency. Make sure you’re tracking not only on-site traffic changes and conversions, but also social media involvement, blogging, new customers and community engagement.

Some things you may want to consider:

  • Anything and everything is measurable, so do it all!
  • Find a system of getting results on a regular schedule. Tracking progress weekly across all channels should be fine.

If you haven’t implemented (or have just started) content marketing, it is well worth the try. So many benefits come from it, and hopefully these tips can help you with getting started! If you have any questions of comments, please feel free to contact us at the 1440 Group. To view this full article, click on the link below.

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