When you think about social media, the first networks that come to mind are the mainstream Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. These social networks are so popular for businesses to use because they bring in the widest range of users, making it easy for business owners to connect with their audiences. Although these top social sites seem to take the spotlight, they are not the only ones out there, you know? There are several hundreds of other social networks out there that are waiting for your business! Depending on your business’ audience or goals, some of these sites may be well worth your time to participate in.

Find a social network that already targets your specific audience, if possible. For example, if your business sells or specializes in custom auto parts, it would be a whole lot easier to use a social network platform for car savvies. We all know how much more successful your marketing can be with segmentation, so before devoting all your social media marketing time to just the top networks, take some time to research what else is out there for your business. If you’re not so sure what other social networks are out there, we have listed 7 of the more targeted social networks to check out!

  1. Quora. One of the most valuable social networks is also one of the most forgotten. Quora is a platform that answers almost any question that you can think of. This serves as a great platform for users to get their questions answered, and for business owners seeking to position themselves as experts in their industry. Business owners can engage in this website by asking questions about a specific industry to see what the audience is saying, answer questions about your company, provide links to resources, or connect with other business owners to see what is and isn’t working for them.
  2. Meetup. All business owners go through the process of planning and attending events, and Meetup makes this task so much easier. Meetup provides a centralized network with information on all the events happening in your area. You can reach a particular industry and connect with attendees before and after the event. Business owners can use this network to check out relevant industry events to attend, find networking opportunities at the events, publicize your own events, and gather great ideas for hosting your events.
  3. Care2. The trend of “going green” is at an all-time high, causing many business owners to make sure their marketing campaigns use environmentally friendly processes. The social network, Care2, is a platform for people to come together to talk about eco-friendly lifestyles and educate others about it. This audience is growing, so business owners should be using these practices to cater to this growing audience. On this site, business owners can learn how to run more eco-friendly campaigns while attracting the attention of this community by doing so. Business owners can benefit from this site by implementing green strategies into your marketing, talking to people in this community to see what they really care about, and you can see if your company sells products/services that cater to the eco-friendly community.
  4. Gentlemint. Like the popular image-sharing site, Pinterest, Gentlemint is a fairly new site that caters to men’s interests. The layout of this website is similar to Pinterest and is often called the “Pinterest for men.” Business owners can use this site to attract men (if your audience is comprised mostly of men), host contests like Pinterest to engage and drive traffic, and set up a board or two through which you can connect with Gentlemint.
  5. Cafemom. Mommy bloggers have become other moms’ most popular resource for recommending products, services, and parenting advice. Cafemom is very popular for bringing all mom bloggers onto one platform to share their thoughts and experiences on childcare, products that they love, videos, and games. If your business is trying to get the attention of mothers, this social network is definitely one to try out! Here, business owners can blog and share information that is valuable to mothers, research articles and videos that this audience takes interest in, and make connections with mothers to learn about their problems and interests.
  6. ThirdAge. Senior citizens are the fastest-growing age group online since they are connecting with each other and their families now more than ever. Because of this, the internet has become a popular source to get advice on health and aging. ThirdAge is a website that features newsletters, discussion boards, articles, videos, classes, games, and so much more! This website is perfect for business owners who want to appeal to the older generation. Business owners can use this site to research better ways of reaching your audience, and use the forums to learn about the issues this audience struggles with to provide a solution.
  7. Athlinks. This social network is where athletes come to network with each other. This provides athletes with information about their sport and local races and events that athletes can attend. If your products or services appeal to the athletically-inclined, this website is perfect! Marketers can use this network to find out about and attend sporting events, connect with members of the different clubs your audience may be a part of, and share information via the website.

If you have found other social networks that appeal to a specific niche, please feel free to comment on this post! At 1440 Group, we strive to make your business as successful as possible. To view this full article, click on the link below.

7 Targeted Social Networks Niche Marketers Should Try