During this time of the year, it seems that Christmas shoppers and last-minute Christmas card senders aren’t the only ones rushing around to get things done. Business owners scram during the holidays trying to get out that last minute campaign before everyone settles to enjoy Christmas day. Organically ranking for keywords can be too involved when you’re stretched for time, but luckily there is another way to get some quick returns this year- PPC!

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertisement that is paid for to pop up in search engines. These ads are typically displayed in the top and right sides of search results. PPC has immediate results; therefore being perfect for a last-minute campaign before going on Christmas vacation. You can set up a campaign and within a few hours, people are able to see your ads and click through to your website. Targeting your ads is also made easy since you can display different ads for each keyword you choose to bid on.

Optimizing your ads to cater to holiday shoppers can help you quickly increase the effectiveness of your campaign. The first thing you should do it attempt to get inside your target audience’s head. Figure out what they search for and when they do it the most. Then, identify your audience’s wants and needs. A great thing to advertise during the hassle of Christmas is that you promise fast shipping or a guarantee that their products will arrive before Christmas.

Your initial thinking would be to bid on keywords such as “Christmas” and “holidays,” but if those keywords aren’t all that relevant to your business, then you won’t get a very high score. It’s better to look for less popular keywords that are relevant to your ad and easier to nab.

Once you have come up with relevant keywords, you need to optimize for the post-click experience. The web pages your ads direct searchers to need to relate to both the ad copy and the keywords you bid on. For instance, it is so frustrating when a company advertises a huge discount; and then when you click on it, you are linked back to the company’s home page. Odds are, searchers will not sift through all your pages looking for that discount. Whatever the offer or advertisement, make sure the link you provide is relevant to your campaign.

Another great thing about using PPC is the analytics you get out of it. You can identify which keywords were searched the most by people who clicked on your ads. You can use these keywords to optimize your web pages.

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How to Run a Last-Minute Holiday Campaign Using PPC