When marketing your brand through social media, it is important to consider the experience your audience is receiving through your campaigning. If the online experience they are receiving is positive, they are more likely to trust in your business and come back for more. There are a lot of online marketing practices that have become very common in this digital age; but they tend to turn off your audience. Here is a list of 7 marketing strategies that your business should throw out the window now before any more damage is done:

  1. Pop-ups. According to data, they work. However, a majority of people who receive pop-ups while trying to browse a website find it intrusive and extremely diverting. After all, a lot of pop-ups are phony bologna; so why would you want your brand amongst others that are deemed untrustworthy? Pop-ups are simply annoying and do not create a loyal and trusting relationship with your customers.
  2. Long forms. There are some times where you need to get information from your visitors; but do not make it every time.  On occasion, post some content for your customers that doesn’t have a form attached to it. If you find it absolutely necessary to get information, only require a name and phone number. If you make your customers take too much time in entering information, they will quickly lose interest and move on. Building a relationship with your customers is an ongoing process. Start then relationship slowly, and then move into gathering information small pieces at a time. The real
  3. Too many ads. Many businesses make their customers jump through an obstacle course in order to get to the article they want to read. If your customers have to do this with your posts more than a couple of times, they will learn not to click on your posts anymore. Too many complicated ads later, your credibility is shot and your customers leave you in the dust.
  4. Landing pages that lie. It happens too often, especially through LinkedIn and Facebook, that the links on business ads leave their customers confused. They click on the link, not knowing where to go after, or they redirected to the business’ website. If you are spending the money on social ads, make sure they are actually effective. When your customers click on your landing pages, make sure they are leading them where they were promised.
  5. Flooding your customers’ inbox with sales pitches. Getting your brand into the inbox of your customers is a crucial and effective way of strengthening relationships. Keep that in mind when emailing your customers. Every now and then, it is okay to sell them something and promote new products and services. For regular emailing, send them something that is truly of value to them. There is a time and place for everything, and you will get your chance to ask for a transaction. But if you are constantly pitching offers, your customers will catch on and feel as though you are not in the business for them and their needs; only for their money.
  6. Headlines the lie. Your headline is the first thing that your customers see. Most of the time, that is all a customer needs to see to make a decision in reading your article or not. To ignite interest, your headline needs to be a sure-fire attention-grabber. However, if your headline is perfect, shouldn’t your content be too? It you are brilliant enough to come up with a great headline, have some quality and valuable content to back it up. Great examples of deceiving headlines are like those in the news and blog sites. With a great headline and crummy content, you may get a lot of traffic; but no one will want to share or engage.
  7. Bad design. Whether you are the owner of a small or large business, everything you put your brand on represents you. You could have everything going for your company’s social media: great content, headlines and valuable information. What can completely ruin a brand is an unprofessional web presence. All your designs, layouts and formatting needs to be well organized and user friendly.

There are so many other things that can drive away your customers. If you can think of any that I have left out, please share! To view this full article, click on the link below:

7 Ways to Turn Off Your Online Audience