Are you new social networking? Even if you aren’t new to marketing online, using LinkedIn is a great way to show potential customers what you know and an even better platform for creating new business. LinkedIn doesn’t just display your business’ information like as a resume would; this network contains more valuable information about a contact than you could imagine. With all this information displayed for your potential customers to see, pieces can be used to start interesting conversations that could turn into leads that could turn into transactions, and then be converted into loyal customers. We’ve compiled a list of 4 tips that can help your business benefit from using LinkedIn.

  1. Before creating a presence on LinkedIn, there are a few setup decisions that need to be taken care of. Decide on an overall campaign goal, and ensure all employees are on board and well-informed. Make sure your business profile is findable and presentable and your employees’ profiles are linked to the business.  All employees’ profiles need to be consistent sources of valuable content. Once you have these initial duties out of the way, commit to a schedule that will be constant enough to maintain the profile. Things that need to be done at least weekly consist of posting new content, answering questions, participating in LinkedIn groups, converse in others’ posts, networking and much more. Figure out what works for you and cut out the things that don’t so you can constantly find new ways of spending less time social networking.
  2. Engage in relevant groups. On LinkedIn, multiple exposures make an impression on potential customers. If you are commenting on other LinkedIn profile that are relevant to your business, and then people will see your company and take interest in seeing what you do. Find conversations that you can contribute to and add something of value or even use some humor. Then every once in a while, you can throw in an indicator that your business can solve this or that problem. Stand out of the crowd and be an expert. People will grow to value your voice and will turn to you when they experience a problem that is relevant to your business.
  3. Constantly optimize and create new ads. Any successful marketer will always attempt to make advertising better and better with time. Once you target your audience, you can use their personas to create images and ad copy that appeals to them. After running the ads, you then analyze the data. A successful LinkedIn user will take that data and optimize ads for even better results.
  4. Look for new customers every time you’re using LinkedIn. You can find potential customers in your new feed and from existing customers. A lot of business owners ignore their news feed, but it can be the best place to find people since it shows what people talk about, and gives you an opportunity to be involved in important conversations. You can also filter your news feed so that you can only see relevant posts.

Many people consider LinkedIn to be a boring platform with little room for opportunity. What they don’t realize is that it isn’t LinkedIn’s inability to be a great platform, but many of us don’t have a good plan of action for using this platform. To view this full article, click on the link below.

4 Ways to Profit From LinkedIn