Pinterest is a wildly popular image-sharing website that is proving to be a very beneficial thing to both individuals and brands. Individuals are able to window shop from the comfort of their computer while saving everything they love on their own page. For your brand, Pinterest allows you to showcase your products and services in creative ways. Although there are so many successful ways of marketing your brand, there seems to be a few aspects that absolutely must be present in your campaign to gain customer attention.

  1. Valuable image. A pretty picture isn’t good enough. You’ll need a high-quality picture that shows value to your customers. Your customers need to feel a certain emotion, or call to one of our basic human needs: to be wealthy, happy, rich, or loved by the opposite sex. The most compelling pictures are simple, easy to understand, and relate to trends.
  2. Make your description a call-to-action. When Pinterest users see an image they like, they look at the description under the photo for more details. It lets them know what’s happening in the image. Where’s a better place to let your customers know what you want them to do than in these descriptions?
  3. Timing is everything. On every social network, there are different times where their users are more active. For Pinterest, the most active times are between 2-4 PM. If you are publishing your content when the most people are using Pinterest, more people are more likely to see your content. So far, Pinterest is not drowning in advertisers, so now is the perfect opportunity to experiment with timing and how it affects your website traffic.

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3 Things to Remember When Trying to Market Your Product on Pinterest