When your customers are talking about your brand online, do you listen? Listening on social websites is not hard to do; but finding the right thing to say in response may be difficult to come up with from time to time. Especially when something goes awry, how are you going to resolve it quickly and in a transparent manner? That’s why it is important to create an effective response system in these crises.

It’s going to happen; a marketing attempt gone wrong, or an outraged customer offended by your ad. According to Michael Brito’s book Smart Business, Social Business, He explains that businesses need to admit to their screw-ups, talk about their failures, and learn from their mistakes. The purpose of the book is to help business owners transform their brand into a social business. The author encourages business owners to first have conversations internally among themselves, and then adopt new social behaviors for external conversations. According to Brito, here are 4 steps to becoming a social business:

  1. Allow your employees to interact and to add their cultural accent. When employees work in a monotonous department every day, there forms a lack of communication, misunderstood goals, and a lower customer satisfaction. To avoid this Utopia, communicate failures to your employees and get them involved in social media.
  2. Update your social technology. Invest in the newest technology that allows you to unlimitedly be in contact with all employees. Streamlining workflows and engaging internally and externally with customers doesn’t hurt either. Have your employees listen on social networks for the best insight about customers and how they truly feel about your brand.
  3. Since so many people will be representing your business, make sure the policies are clear. A social media policy provides a standard for all employees to fall back on when they are using social media not only on their professional levels, but their personal levels as well. On top of policies, employees should be trained periodically to ensure your business is always being steered in the right direction.
  4. Embrace the customer who has feedback; whether it is positive or negative. Businesses can converse with a social customer to establish a relationship and solve any issues. Of course, the person who does this collaborating needs to be a “people person” since he or she will be working with customers who may be displeased. This person should be passionate about the wellbeing of the brand, strategic, analytical, and have strong collaboration skills.

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4 Steps to Transform Your Brand Into a Social Business