Twitter is changing their look, and it’s time to update your profile to take advantage of these business-boosting changes! Twitter users can now post visual stories about their businesses. With a strategy and a little thought, you can make your Twitter profile perform like a business page for your customers; both existing and potential.

Twitter just announced the changes to their account profiles and headers. Your new Twitter account starts with a main image, comparable to Facebook’s new timeline format cover image. You can now easily highlight images and share them with your followers. New mobile apps were also just released for Android and Mac users so that you are not stuck to the desktop. These changes are not huge, but it seems that Twitter is slowly changing their focus to be a more important social media tool for business owners. As for now, you do not have to use the new profile header; but in the near future, all users will be forced to switch to the new layout. (Again, a little like Facebook’s timeline layout).

This is an example of the new header image and how it serves as a backdrop for your Twitter account information. Now that you have a basic idea about the new header image and how it works for your business, we have compiled a list of 5 tips that will help you create your new header image for the best promotion of your business:

  1. Show yourself. Use a simple photo that shows who you are. You can show your products, customers or employees. Show your office or the area that surrounds your building.
  2. Inspire your community. Choose a photo that shows your community how your business impacts them. Help people to see how your products or services benefit them. Here’s a good spot to show a charity that you may do work for.
  3. Use your profile picture. You can take a photo of your face and stick it onto another photo where your face would go. This takes a little more planning, but it can be humorous and shows your followers some of your personality.
  4. Create a collage. A collage is a way to show your followers a lot of things in a small space. Support your business message by making a collage of images that shows all things you do in the community.
  5. Use graphics. A drawing or graphic is a great way to support your logo as a profile image.

Another important change to your profile is the photo stream. When you activate the new profile header feature, Twitter automatically activates the changes to your photo stream. Now, you have six thumbnails instead of four, and the size of those thumbnails is larger. For this reason, if you have not been adding pictures to your tweets, you will see blank spaces in your photo stream. So start tweeting more photos since you will need to anyway when Twitter forces all users to adapt to this new layout.

Not only is there a change in the layout, there is also going to be a change in where you upload your photos. Twitter used to allow its users to use many types of photo services to upload images to your tweets, but now you will have to use the Twitter app or Instagram to take your photos. Any other photo apps will not be supported. All photos you have taken in the past with other apps are still going to be on your page, but you cannot upload any longer from outside apps.

What do you think of these new Twitter changes? We would love to hear any comments or questions, so please feel free to contact us at the 1440 Group! To view this full article, click on the link below.

How to Maximize Your New Twitter Profile