Many business owners feel overwhelmed by social networking such as Twitter and Facebook. For small businesses, it can seem like a full-time job just keeping up with the small things that social networks offer. When you put all that effort into posting products and tweeting promotions, it will seem like a waste when literally no one is reading, sharing, or even interacting with any of it. The problem is that Facebook and Twitter is slammed with small business’ profiles that have been lost and forgotten due to inactivity. Because time is so crunched for internet marketing, business owners have a hard time sitting down to ensure they are interacting in a meaningful way. Though some things may work for a business, it may not work for another; but there a few things that a small business owner can do to ensure their social media efforts are not going ignored.

Step 1: Blog. Set up a blog on your website that people will want to read. People enjoy real life stories that are personable and fun! The thing that seems to never go out of fashion is how people are so attracted to lifestyles of the rich and famous. So talk about the latest celebrity news and throw your brand in there a few times.

Step 2: Post on Facebook and Twitter with a link to your blog. Use humor or a fun antic to entice people to read it.

Step 3: Don’t be selfish. If you expect people to like or read you content, like or read their content! Then when your friends share or interact with you, thank them for doing so.

Step 4: Embrace the haters. You are occasionally going to get a negative comment or review about your product or service; not one can be perfect. But the best way to deal with those situations is not to delete them, but to embrace them! Interact with the person who is not pleased with you to show your customers that you truly do care about them.

Step 5: Reward friends and followers. Give away a discount or freebie every now and then. Engage your customers by offering rewards for referrals or sharing. You can also run social media contest and sweepstakes through Facebook or Twitter that catches you customers’ attention. If you are unsure how much you can really give away, it is always best to calculate how much your company can afford to give to social media each month.

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If a Small Business Tweets, Is Anyone There to Read It?