Contests are so successful in social media because of our human instinct to win, or be the last one standing. We all have some level of competitive instinct in us; so when you add in a prize and some exposure, it’s easy to see why contests can be so effective for marketing. While the accomplishment of a successful contest is just in arm’s reach, know that a whole lot of care, time and thought go into making it worth your while. Here are some tips to get you started on your own effective contest.

  1. Make goals and track your performance. Once you get people talking about and engaging in your contest, you’re not done. You need a way to measure the amount of “likes,” leads, revenue, or branding. Set your goals by defining what success is to your business; and choose the metric that best reflects it.
  2. Don’t just put your contest out for people to find it. You need to find your audience and not rely on them searching for you. Google search for relevant social media groups, forums, or natural fits with the objectives and details of your contest and put in some hard work to promote it!
  3. Before deciding on a prize for your contest winner, research what your customers really want. Sometimes picking out your cheapest product to give away isn’t reason enough for customers to participate. If they have nothing to compete for, they simply won’t do it. Also, it is important to make sure the prize will bring in the audience that you want participating in your contest.
  4. The goal of your contest is not usually to give away something and leave it at that. You normally want to give your marketing a boost! In order to keep people interested in your brand during and after the contest, you need to keep them interested by engaging with them during every stage of the contest and after the winner has been announced.
  5. Contest create a huge buzz and word of mouth advertising but because your customers are talking so much to hopefully win the prize, their words may become endorsements and become subject to the FTC. For this reason, always include a set of terms and conditions so that they will be covered.
  6. When the awardee is announced, don’t end your contest. Well, end it, but don’t lose the engagement you kept with your fans. Keep them updated on future contests, promotions, and random updates. You worked so hard to create their interest in your brand; don’t throw it down the drain.

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6 contest tips to kick-start your social campaign