If you truly believe that your business’ products or services are great, other people will too! However, no matter how much you love and pride your business, there will be people who don’t favor what you do. Even if you try your hardest to please each and every customer, there is almost guaranteed a time that you will mess up at the customer’s expense. The first thing that displeased customers will do is attack your business on social media for the whole world to see. But the trick to handling any disappointment isn’t to hide it; but to embrace it.

Track all your complaints, quickly respond to the negative comment publicly, stay positive publicly, and deal with the details in private. If you remember these quick tips, it will help you to stop public relations from falling apart down the road.

Sometimes, you will get complaints from people who aren’t even a customer of yours. These people are usually called trolls, and are a type of public spam that is unrelated to your business. In the case of a troll, respond with a respectful and playful tone to keep the mood light and friendly. Regardless of if the complaint is real or not, share your business plans to fix the problem in the future. What throws off a troll more than playing the game with them, right?

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Tips for Handling Negative Comments and Trolls on Social Media