Creative writing isn’t the only skill you need in order to create valuable and relevant content. It also isn’t enough to just come up with catchy topics to write about; it actually involves not only content creation, but content marketing.

Content marketing is made to create a feeling or change a behavior of the reader. If it doesn’t do either, then it’s just plain content. If you don’t know how to differentiate plain content from strategic content, then there are three things you should be doing to ensure your content is generating “likes”, shares, comments and leads.

#1. Consistent themes. You should know who your target is at this point and what type of content appeals to them, right? Then the next thing you need to do is develop themes for your content so that you’re delivering material to your audience when and where they want to consume it. If your audience isn’t eating up your content, then you might want to consider re-focusing your topics, timing or the platforms that you use.

#2. Relevancy. Content marketing means that your writing should be relevant and valuable enough to attract, acquire and engage your target audience. Content that neglects to factor in the readers’ preferences is nothing more than informative junk. How can you make sure your content is relevant and valuable to your readers? Use Google Analytics to see what pages are a hit and what pages aren’t getting that many views. You also need to know your crowd and what platforms they use. You don’t want to waste your time posting content to LinkedIn when all your fans use Twitter.

#3. Shareability. Research in advance where your audience is most likely to be consuming your content and when they will be on to look at it. If your target audience is working 5 days a week from 9-5, you wouldn’t post your content at 10:00 AM and expect them to share it. Share your blogs and content on Saturdays or Sundays so that your audience is able to see your work and really take the time to consider it and share.

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