Do you use press releases for marketing? When a business owner reaches out to their audience, their first move is to start publishing press releases (PR). Using this tactic used to be the most effective way of getting your message across 10 years ago! If you are going to issue a press release, there are other tactics that need to be used along with press releases in order for them to be effective; or at least, seen by your audience.

There are many cases where press releases are proven to be highly valuable to use. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It will be seen by thousands of publications. The whole purpose of a press release is to get as many people as possible to see it, and a press release will do that for you. But how to do you really get your audience to notice your PR?  We have found that when data is included in a PR, it is more likely to get picked up by other publications. You just need to get the timing right. Try out different time slots for publishing your content and see what returns the most views. The more people who view your press release, the more likely you are to have it picked up by other publications.
  • Link building. Even though an actual press release will not directly help with search engine optimization (SEO), the coverage from a press release will bring great benefits to your SEO. Make sure there are many keywords that you want ranked so that when journalists see your PR, they may use some of those keywords as well.
  • Journalists can check info. When you create a press release, all of your company’s info is in that one place so that journalists can reference easily. Even if you’re talking with a journalist through email, include an attachment to a press release to help out the journalist. It makes it easy to write about your business and establishes a good relationship with will help you get further coverage.

Press releases not only improve your performance, but you’re able to use some of that content in other marketing areas such as emails, landing pages, social media and blog posts.

As much as press releases can benefit your business, there are some drawbacks that should be considered when using them:

  • Press releases do not help your SEO alone. If there is additional content created as a result of your press release, then it can help; but not as much as you may think. Press releases are syndicated, and then only up for an amount of time before they are taken down. No matter how many juicy keywords you stuff in that PR, their temporary availability does not lead to any progress in the SERPs.
  • All though your PR may get the attention of a journalist, it’s unlikely that your target audience will be reached. Consumers typically don’t like reading the format that PRs are published in; therefor they won’t bother to take a look at them. So whenever you are posting a PR, you should make sure the content is somewhere else in a different format so that customers can see it.
  • Press releases are not cost effective! Posting just one press release can cost you anywhere from one hundred to one thousand dollars! Is it money well worth it? Considering they are not always picked up by a journalist, I think many would say no. Instead of spending your money on publishing a quick PR, spend time meeting with journalists beforehand to find out what they are looking for. This will increase your chances of getting picked up, and decrease your chances of wasting your precious time and money.

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When Press Releases Do (and Don’t) Help Your Marketing