Large businesses have it much easier than the smaller when it comes to trying to be considered a “social” company. Larger business owners have social media teams whose main focus is to become socially known, whereas a less significantly sized business owner has usually him/herself to make all marketing decisions. That’s not to say it is more fortunate to have a social media team; smaller business owners can mirror marketing strategies from larger businesses and apply them to their efforts. Despite the size of the company, there are some areas of business that should always be involved in social media activity:

  1. Marketing. All traffic should be tracked with all marketing media to ensure that all content is engaging and making a difference in profitability.
  2. New Hires. Social media is useful for recruitment. LinkedIn and Facebook is an optimistic way of searching for new hires in that anyone can see a new post that you are looking for new employees. You can view potential employee’s websites to get a look at their personal life first. Of course, this can lead to someone losing the opportunity to work for your company, but it is most beneficial to your company.
  3. New products. When you get your audience involved with product development, there tends to be a bigger hype about the release of the product. Get your customers involved by asking for opinions, or with help in creating and marketing your new product or service.
  4. Retail. Because of the economic downturn, online sales have made a huge impact in the store. The customer’s ability to “check in” at your store with a reward for doing so can be a great way for others to see your page and view deals you have going on.
  5. Legal teams. Just in case something goes wrong, you need a legal team to clean up the mess. Legal teams can also be helpful when it comes to branding on social networks, or changing page names.
  6. Communicate. All employees need to be in the loop when it comes to social media. What works for one promotion may not work for another.

Even though large corporations have social media teams to do this work for them, it really does require the work and organization of an entire company. There should be a lot of communication between all departments of your company to ensure the most is being made out of your social networks. The 1440 Group strives to make your business as successful as possible in this struggling economy. To view this full article, click on the link below.

How social should your business be?