Connect With Your Customers in 15 Seconds

Because the use of smart phones has dramatically increased, business owners find it useful to use 15 second videos to make contact with their customers. It is the perfect way to convey a message to your on-the-go clienteles. Are you worried that 15 seconds is too short of a video to get your point across? According to Social Media Examiner’s article, “8 Ways to Use 15 Second Videos to Connect with Your Customers,” it is the perfect amount of time to get to the point without the extra nonsense. In this article, the author also shares 8 tips on what to share with your customers in these 15 second video clips:

  1. Share events. If your company is hosting an event, make sure to share this with your customers in your video clip. 15 seconds is the perfect amount of time to connect with your customers and let them know the location of the event, date/time, and the purpose of the event.
  2. Share your company’s achievements. Celebrate the little milestones your company hits, and share with your customers. When you share your success, it shows your customers how the company progresses over time.
  3. Share tips and tricks. When a potential customer gains free content from your company’s video, they are more likely to take interest in your company’s paid services. Every now and then, share a video containing a how-to, or a quick tip.
  4. Share promotions and sales. When your company is having a sale or promotion, whether it is online or in-store, let your customers know about it in a quick clip.
  5. Have fun with your customers. Host contests and giveaways in your videos. Your customers are more likely to engage in your videos if there are no strings attached. Require your contestants to hash tag your company to create a bigger buzz.
  6. Connect on a personal level. Share behind the scenes videos with your customers so they feel a personal connection to your company. You can make your company more relatable to customers when you extend your reach.
  7. Share customer reviews. Nothing is more beneficial to your company then the positive testimonials of pleased customers. When you showcase these, more people are inclined to trust your company and what you have to offer.
  8. Decorate your videos. Some video apps, such as Viddy, offer video packs that let you add fun art to your finished videos. You can add banners, silly words, or just about anything to spruce up your video.

Some of these apps can be pricey, but they offer a much deeper level of engagement to your customers. If you company uses this approach, or is thinking about incorporating video communication, these 8 tips can help you make the most of connecting with your customers. To view this full article, click on the link below.

8 Ways to Use 15 Second Videos to Connect With Your Customers

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