If you are looking to be more popular on all your social platforms, you need to go beyond worrying about how many likes, followers and friends you have. Instead of sharing things with your audience that you want to share, reverse your thinking and walk in your audiences’ shoes. A potential customer doesn’t always find value in the things you think are important. A potential customer may love helpful tips and inspirational messages; while ignoring product sales and event invites. Get to know your customer to produce what they want, and follow these 12 tips that will help you worry less about likes and followers and instead focus on your real business.

  1. Ask all the right questions. Before posting anything, as yourself why your audience would find value in it. Ask yourself if your audience would give a rip about your post. Would they share it, or be convinced to take interest in your following posts after this one? Give your audience a reason to take action.
  2. Make a plan. You need a strategy that is specific to your social media goals and a separate plan for how it should affect your business. Without this plan, how are you supposed to know if you’re reaching your business objectives or just wasting your time?
  3. Know your audience. There is no way around this one. If you don’t know what truly interests and inspires your audience, then you won’t be able to encourage them to connect with you. Know the small things about them such as what they like to eat, drink or do in their free time. Get as deep into their personalities as possible. What do they like to talk about? What do they look for online? Where do they talk about business? Where do they go with their friends? The more you know about them, the more interesting content you can post that will inspire them to engage with your brand.
  4. Know who you are. Make you social brand a true replica of your overall personal brand. Everything you say and do online should be positive support of what your brand promises.
  5. Make a plan for content. All content that you publish must be relevant and able to encourage engagement among your audience. Force them to want to take action or they simply won’t.
  6. You’re not done after the Facebook like. Provide value to customers before and after the like. When the like happens, your work has only begun. Keep the interest in your customers and they will continue to take interest in what you have to offer.
  7. Give without getting. Give to your fans and friends without expecting an immediate transaction. Provide value to them and really understand what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you.
  8. Earn trust. The quicker you gain the trust of potential customers, the quicker you will inspire them to connect with your business. Just a like or click-through isn’t establishing trust. A like and click through mean that they are interested in what you have to offer, but aren’t really sure what you’re all about. When your customers are engaging and commenting, this means they deem you credible and therefore trust your word.
  9. Don’t be afraid of the data and insights. Not a whole lot of businesses spend much time using analytics. But what they don’t realize is that analytics not only tell you about your social media efforts, but where exactly you’re going wrong. This data will only help you by providing you with decisions to do better next time.
  10. Don’t get caught up in the buzz. Don’t only measure your buzz metrics. You only really need to focus on the right metrics that lead to real results. Set measurable and obtainable goals.
  11. Don’t forget about your current fans! If you only focus on growing your community, then you forget about the people who are backing your community. It means nothing when you are gaining fans on one end, but dropping them slowly on the other. Your top goal should be on providing the most value to your community, not the largest community. If you focus on value and the fans that you already have, your community will grow before your eyes. Show your fans how you appreciate them and don’t let them forget it.
  12. Inspire for achievement. Encourage your audience to work with you to achieve their goals. Bottom line: They come first!

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