All business owners face difficulty in their job when it comes to marketing. Some have trouble with lead generation, while others can’t convert leads into customers. Some may be wondering how to attract more traffic to their site while others need to just get some people on their site. Whatever the issue you’re having, there is a lot of room to improve; you may just not know how. We have compiled a list of 5 of the most common things business owners fret about when it comes to marketing, and how you can turn them around to make your efforts more effective and worth your time.

  1. Generating attention for traffic to your sites. This is often problematic because before you see any success, you actually have to get people interested in your products or services. Many business owners don’t have enough potential customers to even grab the attention of, while some just don’t know which social platform to focus on for the best results. The way to solve this problem is to take a step back. If you have several channels, figure out which ones your audiences are a part of. Don’t waste your time on sites that don’t return leads for you so that you can spend all your time and effort on the ones that do. Use other tools such as a business blog and educational content to provide value to your readers. Be the solution to their problems or teach them about what your business does. When you have narrowed it down to the better channels for your business, use analytics to take it a step even further and figure out which ones are the best for your business.
  2. Identifying your target audience and their personas. To be able to target the audience specific to your business, you need to be able to identify their buyer personas. For someone to even consider listening to you, what you offer has to serve some level of value to them. People will take interest if what you’re offering fulfills a need, satisfies a problem, or educates them. When you have your audience locked in, make sure your messages are relevant to them. This can be difficult to pull off if you’re not sure what will spark their interest, but trial and error is a good fall back if you just can’t figure it out. If you are really struggling getting through to your audience, then take a step back and start over. Divide your audience into demographics. Identify the needs of each group, and then decide how you can provide value to each buyer persona. Breaking your audience into separate buyer personas helps you to really pin-point the relativity of your messages to the right group. This way, each person you reach out to feels special and that your message was made only for them.
  3. Generating customers using social media platforms. Social media is now something business owners know they should be doing; but may have trouble understanding why they even do it. Being social online is important for interaction and engagement with your customers, but is that all it does? If you’re only getting the nice conversation with your current customers and nothing more, then you are doing it all wrong. Business owners get comfortable in their small community of followers and call it a day; that is just not enough. You should constantly be reaching further and further outside of that comfort zone. It’s the only way you will gain new customers.
  4. Staying with the trend. Marketing has gone through so many changes though the years. Paper advertising is almost unheard of since technology came along and introduced new tools. But why would we stick with our old ways? These online tools allow us to communicate with potential customers more efficient and effective. Social media has provided us with a way to engage back and forth almost immediately with followers. Social media is big now, but what about when the next bigger thing comes along? How are you going to keep up? Subscribe to a marketers blog and read in your down time. There, you learn everything marketing: upcoming tools, what’s trending, what is “so yesterday,” and advice that can only strengthen your marketing efforts.
  5. Providing and increasing ROI. If you’re just “doing” marketing, it’s not enough. Business owners should be able to use analytics to measure and understand the value of each of your efforts in terms of leads, customers and revenue. You need a way to prove that your time, effort and money spent marketing is being returned with a profit in revenue caused directly by that social marketing. If you are an effective business owner, you can tie every single lead, customer and dollar back to the marketing tool that created them. This is how you can see what efforts are more effective than others. See what marketing activities and generating a benefit for you, and which are not. Double down on what’s working, and cut out what’s not.

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