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Would you like to be the dominate competitor on Google for your market?

Our proven techniques make it possible for you to DOMINATE your competition on Google!

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We Communicate

We partner with your company. You’ll get access to us including email, online support and even our personal cell phone numbers. We’re here to help with any question or concerns you have.

We Do It In-House

All of our SEO work is done in-house. We do NOT outsource or use black hat techniques. We have a trained and experienced team of Search Engine Optimization Experts.

We Stay Up-To-Date

We stay on top of what is going on in SEO so you don’t have to. We belong to mastermind groups, attend ongoing training and much more. We put in the time so you reap the benefits.


1440 Group SEO Services Overview

Are you looking to increase your business’ exposure on the search engines? Do you want to re-design your website  or make it mobile friendly? No matter what you want to accomplish, we have the solution. Our team plans and executes profitable online campaigns to achieve your goals. Each project has clearly defined objectives, project timeline and a set price.

Month to Month Contracts

We don’t think you should be locked into a long term contract. We provide month to month contracts for our services. To find out more information simply contact us at (888) 690-9895 or simply browse through the services to the right.

Search Engine Optimization

Dominating the search engines is what we do. We understand that just getting you on the first page is not enough. We strive to have your business take over page one.

Responsive Website Design

You need more than a website in today’s world. You need it to be mobile friendly, fast, and the most important thing it needs to do is convert visitors into prospects. We specialize in Responsive Website Design and Re-designs that attract customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a great way to drive customers to your doorstep. We understand what it takes to make Social Media work for your business.

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search is a great way to create a steady stream of visitors to your website. Whether you want run a campaign on the search engines or on social media, we have you covered.

Marketing Services

We have a wide range of additional marketing services that we offer including:

  • Video Creation

  • Video Marketing

  • Content Marketing and Development

  • Consulting

  • Training


74% of Internet Users

Are local customers searching for LOCAL BUSINESSES

45% of Small Businesses

Don't have a website or Online Presence

6% of Small Businesses

Have and Use a Mobile Friendly Website

50% of All Traffic

More people are using their mobile phone for Search

Who is the 1440 Group?

The first question people ask us is, so why the name “1440 Group”?

The answer is simple, we implement marketing solutions that work around the clock to help you market your business. Do you know how many minutes are in a day? There are a total of 1440 minutes, and an effective marketing program works to take advantage of every single one of those minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to help your business take advantage of each and every minute of everyday. So who are we?

We are a group of Sacramento Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing service professionals dedicated to helping businesses grow and prosper in their marketplace. Whether your looking for Sacramento SEO, San Francisco SEO, San Jose SEO or Roseville SEO, we have the systems, capabilities and resources to provide you the online business solutions you require to dominate your competition. Our team is a diverse and highly capable group of subject matter experts who synergistically work together to create highly effective solutions for our customers.

Start Getting More of Your Customers with the RIGHT Marketing

Some of the Local Businesses We Serve

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