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9 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

According to your Analytics, does your website create a lot of traffic? If so, you must be pretty pleased, right? WRONG. Don’t be too excited unless you can calculate a high conversion rate of website traffic to actual leads. After all, what is a successful website if it fails to bring in the dough? If your conversion rate is a little low, here are 9 tips on how to improve your website’s ability to convert.

  1. Use science. A lot of successful marketers use the concept of “social proof” to generate leads. Social proof is the concept that people will conform to the actions of others if those actions are categorized as good behavior. For instance, if a large amount of people that I trust are doing it, I should be doing it also. There are several ways you can add social proof to your website such as a counter of how many subscribers you have. People will understand the concept that if so many people are already subscribed to this website, they should too! A lot of businesses use testimonials as social proof so potential customers can see actual results of using your product or service. For instance, if you tweet a promotion regarding your product, allow your customers to comment on their experiences with the product, or just attach previous testimonials about how much your customers love this product.
  2. Update your call-to-action strategy. If your call-to-action is used over and over with all your marketing assets, it will quickly get old. Not to mention, if your customers see it again and again over time, they will just skip over reading it since it just old news; in other words, they already know what it says, why repeat the message? The first time your customers sees a new design, it will likely catch their attention. If they have seen it before, it is likely that their eyes will just gloss right over it. That’s why it’s important to update your call-to-action designs when you start seeing your click-through rates dropping.
  3. Offer new promos. Although your call-to-action designs are up to date, it won’t do much if the promo you are offering is outdated itself. The first time your customers see a promo, they decide then if they would like to take you up on that offer or not. If they are interested, of course, they will click through. If they are not interested, they will keep on moving. For both customers (interested and not interested), the promo only needs to be seen once or twice (the second time being for those customers who would like to take you up on the offer; just not now). After a promo is over with, your customers are waiting for the next great thing to come their way, not the same thing that they have already accepted or denied.
  4. Keep your best call-to-action designs on your highest-traffic blog posts and web pages. If your business is coming out with a great offer, put that offer on your high-traffic blog posts and web pages. Don’t forget to add your best call-to-action designs on these posts as well.
  5. Make the conversion process as simple as possible. There are a lot of distracting and confusing obstacles that can prevent your website visitors from converting. If you are not aware of these distractions, you could potentially be throwing your conversion opportunities out the window. To increase conversion rates, there are 8 things you should consider doing: Simplify your lead-capture forms. Target your audience in your landing pages. Remove navigation bars on the top, side, and bottom of your landing pages. No more call-to-actions on your landing pages. Share landing pages in social networks. Place landing page forms in the fold. Make call-to-actions full of actionable language. Make is simple and easy as possible to convert.
  6. Conduct A/B testing to optimize landing pages and call-to-actions. Use A/B testing to see if your designs work or not. Test elements such as design, button size, colors, copy, tone, etc. You can A/B test the same things with your landing pages; just add elements such as page layout and length. If you are regularly conducting A/B tests, be sure to document your results and keep track of the insights you gather. Over time, you will notice patterns in conversion rates in accordance with your more successful call-to-actions.
  7. Try a secondary call-to-action. This can definitely be a distracting way of diverting attention of interested customers. If the visitor is interested, a secondary offer can be confusing, causing them to move on from the offer all together. However, a secondary can save a conversion if the customer is not interested in the main offer. For instance, if your main call-to-action is to receive a free quote for a new roof, this can be intimidating to a customer; causing them to move on. This is why many successful companies use a secondary call-to-action for that customer who is just not ready to make such a huge step. Your secondary call-to-action can be to simply take a look at you rooftop offers, or subscribe to your blog. Again, just test it out at first. For some companies, this may not be the best approach, while for others, it can have a great turnout.
  8. Strategically assign call-to-actions with web pages. Come up with many call-to-actions, and map them out for each stage of your sales cycle. Next, map out your web pages the same way. For instance, if you know that your blog attracts a lot of new visitors, you would incorporate those pages in the first stages of the sales process, not the final stages (where your customer is close to making a transaction). Once you have mapped out both your call-to actions and your web pages, you can appropriately pair the two where they belong.
  9. If you expect a page to receive high traffic, optimize it! If you are marketing a rare offer that you expect to drive a lot of traffic, it would be smart to optimize that particular page for conversion opportunities. Swap out call-to-actions to ensure your best designs are going into the page that will create a big buzz.

If you have any other tips to improve a website’s conversion, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the 1440 Group. We would love to hear from you!

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