Instagram is a smartphone app that is barely two years old; but definitely holding an outstanding growth with 100 million users around the world. It is great for personal and community use and even better for small and large businesses. If your company has considered, or is currently using Instagram, here are 8 tips that will make your experience more effective. 

  1. Sell a lifestyle through your images. Show your audience what their life will be like when they use your product or service. Your images can tell stories about a person having more time to read and enjoy life because they purchased your quick-clean clothes wash. People see that image and understand that they could have the same lifestyle that the person does in your image by doing business with your company.
  2. Get creative and be different from the rest. Always stay true to your brand’s message and story, but be inspirational and make your followers feel good. Post pleasant pictures of your office’s surroundings. Stick with a feeling that you want your customers to feel about your business and post images that give you that feeling. For instance, if you own a tea shop, post pictures that give your followers a calming and zen feeling: gardens, sunshine, hot tea, zen decor, calming art, etc. Point is, you don’t need to post every single picture containing your own products.
  3. Do showcase your products, but not in a boring way. When you want to show your followers some products, place the items on a fun background or in a field of flowers. What’s trending among your target audience? You can figure out a fun way to make your product appealing specifically to your audience.
  4. Put some text on your images. There are plenty of apps out there that allow you to put text or other funny characters on images. Adding humor to your product pictures can spark interest in different audiences.
  5. Let your followers behind the scenes. Share photos of preparation of an event, or the planning of a product. Share every step in creating their favorite candy or denim jeans. This will allow you to engage with your followers on a deeper and more meaningful level if they feel that you want to share insider information about your business.
  6. Hashtag your images so more people see your photo. Hashtag relevant items in your photos so that people who are searching for that item or service will come across your photo.
  7. Use professional apps to edit photos. There are plenty of them out there, too! They make your photos a little more outstanding than just the photo itself, so people will take a second to check it out.
  8. Run an Instagram contest. Tell your followers to hashtag and post pictures to enter a contest. If your business is a nail salon, have your followers post pictures of how they dress up their polish. The best picture wins a free nail service! Make sure you are aware though of the terms and conditions for contests on Instagram.

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8 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Instagram