After making a blogging commitment to yourself and to your fans, it is easy to fall off the wagon down the road. Even if you commit to blogging 2 times per week, it is very hard to find time for writing when your customers come first. Blogging is beneficial to any company for increasing search engine rankings, engagement, and adding a personal approach to your business. To help you stay on track with your blogging goals, here’s some tips and insight!

  1. Consider your blog customer work. In a difficult economy, marketing tends to fall to the bottom of our “to-do” list since we find customers’ needs to be more important. To succeed in blogging, try shifting your mindset so that you keep in mind that blogging is serving your customers.
  2. Let others in the office blog. If you know you’re going to be busier than usual during a certain week, ask someone from the office to do the blogging for that week. Line then up ahead of time to avoid last minute confusion, and you have a blog ready to go regardless of your busy schedule. Introduce the blog as a “guest blogger” that is relevant to the company, but has its own personality and twist to the usual. Just make sure that the topic is interesting and does not portray your business in a negative way.
  3. Perfection is not the goal of your writing. Your blogs need to be great and intelligent; but not perfect. You don’t need to overthink a topic that you are already an expert in. You are simply offering valuable content to your readers with the knowledge that you have. Of course, remember to spell check and use proper grammar; with these silly mistakes, your credibility is actually harmed.
  4. Re-use content. Since you are so busy, find ways to tweak content you’ve already created to use again. Re-use the most popular post of the year or YouTube videos that resonated with your audience. Answer questions that you often receive, or modify existing statistics to show your customers.
  5. Integrate. The best way to keep up your blogging is to integrate your marketing and business work. Make your business work part marketing. Start blogging about the process of building an upcoming product. This creates a buzz around the product’s launch and benefits your actual sales.

If you are a regular blogger, share your tips with us on how to stay on top of your posts! To view this full article, click on the link below.

6 Tips to Keep Your Blog Going