Even if you aren’t the most social media- inclined, there are a few things you can do to make your social channels seem like you’re a social whiz!

  1. Keep your profile picture the same for all channels. Doing this alone has made it a million times easier for people to find you. Make sure that your picture is a head shot that can be viewed nicely in every format, including a small phone. You have to think of your picture as a logo for your business, so don’t change it every week either. For someone who is trying to track you down, they will get nowhere if the picture they are searching for is constantly changing.
  2. Have a bio for all social platforms. It can take you a while to do, but have one even if it’s 100 words. No matter what the sight, include what you like, dislike and your general life status. They can be detailed or short and sweet; however you like. At least you only have to write your bios once; of course, unless something major in your life changes. Having an updated bio helps people to identify you.
  3. Listen, respond and engage. If there are people you love to follow, let them know! Engagement is the key to a lot of business’ success on social sites. Commenting, liking, sharing and reposting is how we show our community that we care. So don’t let a customer’s comment go ignored, respond as soon as possible!
  4. Don’t post about the soda you just drank at your desk. We all have those friends on Facebook that post a status for every thought that pops into their head; but who cares about your eggs that are slightly overdone?
  5. Make a personal website for yourself. This doesn’t take long at all, and it’s a great way to connect all of your digital presences into one. Plus, most sites that help you build a website are free!

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Five Ways to Make Your Social Channels Seem Savvier