Does your business have a LinkedIn page? If so, have you started using the new looks and features of its pages? If your business is not using LinkedIn, it’s now or never! The new layout of this social media site makes it easier for users to engage in Community Pages. With the new design and features, now is the time to take advantage of what is offered for your Company Page.

  1. Images for you banner now bring your page some color and life! At the top of your Company Page, you can add any image that you want your fans to see. These banners are very similar to Facebook’s Cover picture except the size of the image is different. On your LinkedIn page, the banner space is used for your business’ branding and messaging. This banner image should be attention-grabbing for an opportunity of creating new followers.
  2. Your career and products can come out from hiding finally. On your business’ page, your products and services can now be viewed on the sidebar spaces of the Home tab. This makes it so much easier for fans to finds something they are looking for on your page. Get creative with this! Instead of always posting your products and services, showcase free downloads and special promotions. The whole goal of creating a LinkedIn Company Page is to get your followers interested in your business, so drive engagement by offering advice and free expert knowledge.
  3. Product recommendations are now a lot easier to access on the sidebar. Any visitor of your page can see who in their network is endorsing your products or services. These recommendations are extremely valuable to your brand since it displays social proof from peers and network connections. You can get recommendations on your page by asking your most loyal customers, vendors and partners.
  4. Any updates are now being shown on the main Home tab. If you upload images to your Company’s Page, it will show up front and center on the Home tab- except larger! Since your updates are highly visible, make sure your content is valuable and interesting. Don’t forget to use questions, or ask for feedback to drive engagement. And if you plan on conversing with your customers, I suggest you do this yourself instead of hiring a third party to do your social media. And then remember to check how your updates are performing. If some updates are doing better than others at driving engagement, then consider posting those updates to the top of your Home page.
  5. Since we are a mobile world, LinkedIn now allows its users to view Company Pages from the LinkedIn apps! This allows your business to be viewable and valuable to employees, customers, partners and vender from anywhere at any time!

LinkedIn was obviously made to benefit businesses who want to increase their value ability and visibility, so take the opportunity to extend your brand. To view this full article, click on the link below.

5 Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page