Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a business online; but only if it’s done correctly. Content is used all over the world by business owners to attract new customers. Creating quality content regularly will definitely pay off, but it takes a whole lot of valuable time and resources. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many business owners with that kind of time on their hands! For this reason, it is important to do it right the first time and get the most out of your efforts. This article covers five commonly made mistakes when it comes to content marketing. If you want to benefit the most from content marketing, be sure to follow these basic rules:

  1. Find your audience before you start writing to the wrong one. Even if you are a dynamite writer with all the best tactics, your content could be geared toward the wrong people. If your content is being published to engage an older crowd when you sell belly button rings, you will have no success. One of the main purposes of starting content marketing is to generate leads and sales. So it only makes sense to target people who want or need your product. If you are addressing the wrong audience, it’s time to shift your focus toward the people who are actually going to help you reach your goals. You may have to change your tones or wording when you find your true audience, but it will definitely pay off when you get there.
  2. Don’t jip on your headline; it’s one of the most important pieces. Titles are vital to the success of your content because it’s the first thing your readers will see. Compelling headlines make a huge difference in the popularity and readership of your content. A great headline should grab your readers’ attention, create interest and persuade users to read the rest of your content, be clear and concise so readers easily understand it and it should include keywords. Instructional, educational and list posts seem to be more sharable on social media, so take advantage of this content.
  3. Don’t make the goal of your content creation about quantity over quality. It is often mistaken that content should be published every single day in order to get more coverage and reach. Publishing daily does have its benefits, but where does your content end up if it’s thrown together carelessly? In the garbage; that’s where! The quantity of content should never be at the cost of quality. If you are meeting your marketing objectives, then publishing great content weekly can be equally effective as daily publishing.
  4. Optimizing your content through Search Engine Optimization is ESSENTIAL! Both external SEO and on-page optimization are important if you want to get the desired results. As part of your marketing efforts, all content should not be overlooked; whether you are creating a blog post, press release or an article. So SEO tactics can include choosing the right keywords to use in your headline, title, description, headings and bold text.
  5. Don’t syndicate the same content everywhere. To maximize reach, business owners will distribute the same content across several platforms. This should be avoided because a lot of your audience that sees content using one platform will, more than likely, see it on another. The repetitive content can be annoying and will turn off your audience.

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5 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes that you Must Avoid